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Here's my Bio's page!


Originally a Maverick Computer System Xkid, to replace the older Xgirl system, ( that was not what it was called but that is what I am calling it.) saw everything and knew everythig about the Mavericks. Late one night Sigma decided to build " the Ultimate Soldier." Using Xkid's Memory they took the finest metals to make a clone of the original X powers and all. When they were finished Sigma was called because of a promblem at Microsoft. Leaving the vunerable Xkid alone to download his info. a Hacker by the name of Change X snuck in and reprogramed Xkid and activated his systems. As he was leaving he was attacked by Vile and Sigma they easily dispacthed him. But Xkid would not go he managed to get them away from the body and took it to the hunter headquarters so he could get revenge and secretly repair his friend.


You may think she is a clone of me but there is only one clone and that is EX: the evil Xkid. Xgirl is my lost older sister she also was a computer system. Like me she was also turned into a " ultimate soldier. Recently, she was out on a rampage with a group of reploids neither Maverick or Hunter called the Quouxi Clan who quickly defeated her and made here join their group. Later She traveled with them and found her Younger brother 5 years later and joined him for the Quoixi were tending to bother her. Now she travels only with her brother who told her what Sigma was doing to the world, Swearing to get Sigma for what he did Xgirl will go to any limits to stop him. Let's go back to base,eh?back