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Advantages and disadvantages.....

This is what makes us all unique. For now you make your own advantages and disadvantages as long as they are in the right range. In my own words I will put it like this

Advantages: stronger but less Credit for it.( Credit is what you buy stuff with. Jp is what you trade for skills and jobs. Even though at this point your unique skills can be bought with credits so don't get Credits and Jp confused. ) Oh yeah I forgot the most inportant part, the number of Credits you start with and that Magic number happens to be 150!

Disadvantages: Weaker but more Credit. Got it?

Here are some examples.


- 30 credits| intellegence: not just smart but really smart!

- 70 credits| invurnable to magic(not all of them but one invurnabilty for -70 credits.):your are invurnable to certain magics great advantages

- 140 credits| invunerable to attacks ( as with magic only 1 at a time.):You are invunerable to certain attacks execpt the the most basic on a punch or x-buster shot.


+ 30 Dumb: the other side of intelligance you are pretty stupid

+ 70| vunerable to magic: you are weak to certain Magic. Pick as many as these as you want +70 a piece

+ 140| vunerable to attacks: you are weak to certain attacks. Pick as many as these as you want +70 a piece

Until I figure out some more advantages and disadvantages you can pick any of these or make your own e-mail me if you decide to make your own so I can judge if the price is right.