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Weapons and things.

This is the area where we learn about weapons, data chips, animal allys,etc. This part is currently under construtcion ,as the rest of the game but will be finished sooner or later. You can use any weapon you want that is not being used by anyone else.

basic weapon-20 credits this is like claws, beam sabre, special types of gloves you know the basic weapon.

special weapon-60 credits these are your strongest weapons,they can be charged and you use these to quickly overcome your oppenets very inportant in battle. example= shotgun ice= shoots an ice bullet that bounces of enemy and multiples.

data chips-70 these are add ons that boost your abilitys with about 4 of these you can be nearly invincible. LIMIT=4 and you can only start with one!

allys-70 these buddies can help you in many ways like curing you and such. example=rush